Lighting Control

The sad truth about lighting control is that most people only take notice of it when it is poorly done.

The mark of good lighting control design is to have it so well integrated with the rest of the home’s infrastructure that literally no one will ever think twice about it. Once you live with good lighting control, you quickly forget about how tedious everyday life was without it. In other words, you take it for granted, which is exactly what we want you to do.


"An integrated lighting system is essential. Instead of merely turning the lights on or off when you enter or leave a room, an entire system can be installed and programmed to fit your desired lifestyle."


It’s All About Control
Lights can work together or separately, in any range of brightness, in any combination, in preset sequences, and in predetermined schedules. For example, your nighttime lighting needs would be different than your daytime lighting needs. When the sun goes down, you can automatically, with one touch of a button, transfer your day time lighting settings to your evening lighting settings: driveway, porches, hallways, game room, etc. When you retire for the evening and head for bed, once again, you can automatically transfer your evening lighting program to your sleep program. Of course these programs in no way shape or form limit you from straying outside your normal routines and taking control of each room whenever desired. The programs merely allow you the opportunity for the home to work for you. Your lighting control system can be programmed for any mode you wish to set: vacation mode, entertainment mode, day mode, evening mode, sleep mode, etc. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Become A Responsible Energy Consumer
Energy efficiency is only as effective as the user. With helpful lighting control made simple, energy conservation is also simplified. Lighting control can also procure energy efficiency by lowering the maximum of light output by 10%. Although the naked eye cannot easily detect this difference, the reduction will double the life of your bulbs and reduce your energy usage and bills.

Integration is the Key
The same wiring needed for your home’s lighting control can also be used for various other home necessities such as entertainment systems, hot tubs, lawn sprinklers and fountains, and pool heaters. By interfacing all of your home’s amenities, more user control is possible. The same button that sets your lights to the programmed entertainment mode, can also turn your hot tub on, your sprinklers off, your fountains on, your whole house surround sound on, etc.

Once the prewiring is in place, SOS Solutions can configure your system any way you want, and make changes easily.



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