Structured Wiring

"Structured Cabling Installations is the foundation on which all other network activities dece_orgpend."

A properly designed, installed, and administered structured cabling system reduces costs through each phase of its life cycle: installation; moves, adds, and changes; maintenance and administration. The importance of cabling should be neither overlooked nor underestimated.

Inferior cabling systems are the cause of up to 70% of network downtime. With costs that range between $1,000 and $50,000 per hour it is easy to see how important it is to control downtime. By installing a standards compliant structured cabling system much of this downtime can be effectively eliminated.

"Although a structured cabling or premise cabling system will outlive most other networking components, it represents only 5% of the total network investment. A structured cabling installation represents a sound investment in the productivity of your company."

Structured cabling is a standardized cabling system designed to carry voice, data and video signals. Traditionally, cabling has focused on "Cat 5" unshielded twisted pair cable as used in Ethernet networks. However, since these cabling standards were first developed around 1990 LAN / WAN architectures have changed substantially.

Networks have increased in speed 1,000 times, from 10 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s promoting the use of fiber, especially in backbone networks and workstation connections. And a new generation of users has become accustomed to "mobility" – using the latest generation of wireless networks, usually WiFi, with laptops, personal digital assistants and smart phones.

As a result, the technician specializing in the proper installation of structured cabling must now know about three closely-related technologies: UTP copper, fiber optics, and wireless.

"As a cutting edge structured cabling contractor, SOS invests heavily in our training and certification programs. We are fully insured and work with all major network hardware and components manufacturers."

Whether you require one line or one thousand lines, we will do your structured cabling installation job efficiently, to spec, and on budget. Quality service and workmanship, as well as quality components and materials, are all things our customers are simply taking for granted. They are also the ingredients of a success recipe that has fueled our growth and spread our reputation throughout the industry.

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