Access Control 

Access control is an incredibly vital part of modern security. At SOS Solutions, we understand that out of the box solutions are often too broad.Access Reader

Every company has their own specific set of needs, which is why we can formulate, design and implement specific control features to the security system you order from us. No matter how unique your needs might be, our technicians can work with you to create exactly the kind of access control you desire. Today’s technology is constantly changing and improving and you need a company that is a step ahead on your side. Contact SOS Solutions today to learn more about what integrated access control can do for your company.

"It doesn’t matter if your office is only one small room or a giant warehouse that stretches on for a half mile, you can get the access control solutions you need at a price you can afford from SOS Solutions."

Control every door in your building from a single touch pad and have CCTV cameras in place so you can identify who is where and at what time. Today’s technology allows for an incredible amount of accurate information gathering. Put that technology to use for your company today by contacting SOS Solutions.

"When it comes to access control, the name of the game is precision."

You need to know who is on your property at any given time, and there can’t be any question. With SOS Solutions, you can have that kind of pinpoint accuracy and control over your property. A shocking amount of espionage is done by people who simply walk into a business and then walk out. Remove this kind of behavior from the equation for good when you take advantage of the superior access control options afforded by SOS Solutions.

All of our various access control options come with our patented quality client care, consultation, design, installation and follow up.

"Give your company the advantage you have been looking for with expert access control options from SOS Solutions."


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