LAN / WAN Services

At SOS Solutions we can provide end-to-end assistance for your network needs including designing your network, installing your network, or just upgrading your network to meet new application needs. canstockphoto0983226

SOS takes your networking requirements personally; we design a configuration to fit your needs. It does not matter whether you have a one-person office, a small to medium-sized business, or a large-scale network deployment. Your connectivity is vital to your business and your bottom line. We design with your needs in mind, and we can get you the highest return on your systems budget.

Cabling - Voice and Data
From experience over the years, we have become very versatile and flexible when it comes to meeting our customers’ cabling needs. For work to be completed on a short time notice or with unique requirements, you can count on SOS's professional installations from start to finish.·We specialize in installing structured cabling for both data and voice. We will work with your organization to successfully install a complete easy to manage cable infrastructure.

Network Installation and Moves
SOS Solutions offers professional installation services designed to provide the highest quality implementation. Capabilities range from consultation to turn-key services including planning, implementation, documentation, and acceptance testing.

"SOS Solutions also understands scalability issues and knows how to prepare the network for future expansion."

We provide you with complete, consistent documentation on your topology, network equipment and interconnects for future reference. One of the greatest benefits of our installation service is that our service team will come away from the job with a better understanding of your network’s topology and hierarchy— they know your site and can more effectively support you in the future.

Strategic IT Planning
Organizations, especially small businesses, have little time to focus on longer term, strategic IT plans. Ensuring day-to-day operations and having a smooth running infrastructure takes up all your available time. SOS can devise a strategic IT plan that can help you gain a competitive edge, introduce products and services faster, be more productive or gain efficiencies.

Implementing Key Technologies
SOS Solutions has extensive experience implementing key technologies that provide the foundation for running small businesses. We have over 11 years of experience with small and medium businesses, so there's not much we haven't seen or implemented. We can also help your company investigate new and emerging technologies to see if they will provide a real business benefit.

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